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The official website of Shanghai Meijiang Shock Absorber Group Co., Ltd. [PTFE] DN150 lining Teflon Rubber Joint "stainless steel flange + natural rubber + polytetrafluoroethylene" information, Meijiang Group for food pipelines, pharmaceutical pipelines to produce a lining Teflon Rubber Joint Products, this product mainly uses stainless steel flange and natural rubber The collocation of the rubber pipe body, then lined with a layer of 2 mm thickness of PTFE material, plays a protective role in the pipeline, but also does not affect the original rubber joint damping, noise reduction, displacement and other functions.

All stainless steel flanges manufactured by Meijiang Group are made of raw materials of national standard materials. All of them are tested by spectrograph before they leave the factory. All stainless steel flanges in our factory can not leave the factory until they are qualified.
Natural Rubber: All the ordinary rubber joints produced by Meijiang Group are made of natural rubber with the medium of ordinary water and under 80 degrees. The rubber content of the joints is about 50%. It supports all kinds of testing. Moreover, the brand of natural rubber adopted by Meijiang Group is Dongfeng 1# or Yunxiang, which is well known to the industry. These two brands of natural rubber prices, do not take the collective name of natural rubber to compare other brands, let alone what Malaysian imports of natural rubber to compare, a ton of rubber is thousands of dollars, there is no comparability.


The following is the introduction of Songjiang group.

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